When it comes to making delicious, hand crafted cocktails you could have the freshest ingredients, superior spirits and beautiful ice- however, if you do not know how to shake or stir a cocktail or how to use the proper technique, well you might as well shave your fancy handle bar mustache because, you sir, are not a mixoligist.
Have you ever thought about James Bond asking for his martini “shaken not stirred”? And have you ever wondered why? You might find yourself asking “Aren’t all martinis shaken?” The answer is no. For some, this might be a revelation and for some, this may be of no concern. But for a passionate mixologist, this is an important truth, and it makes all the difference.
Sometime around the late 70’s and early 80’s bartenders became lazy and stopped using the proper technique for making cocktails. They began purchases pre-made mixers and liquors with high sugar content. Since then, these practices have spiraled so far out of control that the word martini has taken on a life of its own. People call now use ‘tini’ as a suffix for any mixed drink served up in a “cocktail glass”.
Getting back to technique- there is a very easy rule to live by. You stir spirits and shake juice.
There is a reason for both techniques. When you are stirring a cocktail that is purely spirit based the intent is to chill it down. If you shake a purely spirit based cocktail you will water it down. If you are making a cocktail that calls for any type of juice it is imperative to shake it to incorporate the juice. You have to shake it hard. Shake it alive.

SHaken                                                               Stirred

Here at Toasted Oak, we are passionate about the drinks we serve and the methods in which we make them. So unless you’re like James Bond & in constant danger of being poisoned, we will be stirring, not shaking, your spirits. Trust us, it’s better that way.