12 Days of Christmas


December is here and Christmas is fast approaching! This year we decided we’d try to help you knock out your shopping list with some items from our market!

  1. Toasted Oak Gift Card
    Gift cards are the perfect gifts. They’re more personal than just handing out cash, but they allow your friends & family to select something on their own- so you can be totally confident that they’ll love it.
  2. Barlow’s gourmet sauces & spices
    Most of us look forward to Christmas dinner all year long but when you’re not the most experienced in the kitchen, cooking can be stressful. If you’re in search of some bolder flavors this year, look no further. We carry numerous spices & sauces from Barlow’s in Rose, MI. Check out their website for some fun menu ideas… http://www.barlowsgourmetsauce.com/Barlow-s-Best-Serving-Suggestions.html
  3. Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee
    I’ve never met a stocking that didn’t have something sweet inside. If you’re looking for a unique (and locally sourced!) sugary treat to slip into some stockings, try Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee. This Michigan made product not only tastes great but it is free of all those added ingredients that no one can pronounce. It is simply almonds, butter, sugar, milk chocolate and it is simply delicious.
  4. Cheese, Charcuterie & House pickled vegetables
    Nobody wants to show up empty handed at Christmas but when everyone shows up with a tray of sweets, it is easy to go into sugar overdrive. Go the savory route this year & surprise your friends with fancy cheeses & meats from our market place. We also have numerous house pickled vegetables to pair with them!
  5. Luxardo Maraschino Cherries
    Forget what I said about too many sweets- with so many parties & cookie exchanges coming up, you’ll want a perfect Christmas cookie to bring that will really stand out. These maraschino cherries can help with that they are truly a huge leap above the rest. Try baking some delectable white chocolate cherry shortbreads. The gorgeous colors make them look just as festive as they taste!
  1. 6 pack of wine
    Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? We know that multiple people on your Christmas list would be happy to receive this gift so we offer it at a discount. When you buy 6 bottles of wine in our market, you will receive 10% off!
  2. Brownwood Farm’s Items Michigan apples & famous kream mustard
    We love Brownwood farms, whether it is something savory or something sweet, they never disappoint. We carry both their Michigan apple pie filling & their famous cream mustard in our market. Both perfect for kicking up your flavor game in holiday cooking & baking.
  3. $8 Jars
    Not only do we fill our market with hand selected items from Michigan locals, but we also sell numerous items made in house by our chef’s. For $8 dollars each, you can fill your loved ones stockings with jars of our spiced nuts, bacon caramel, dried fruit & lavender honey. These items also make fantastic snacking items & toppings for holiday parties!
  4. Toasted Oak Mug
    It’s WINTER. Needless to say, we could all use a little something to warm us up. Whether it is coffee, tea or hot chocolate, we think it tastes better when you drink it from a Toasted Oak mug. Pick some up in our market for your loved ones- or for yourself.
  5. $10 Wine Tasting
    The only thing better than a thoughtful gift for a friend, is planning a Christmas activity for you to do together. Surprise your nearest & dearest by bringing them to our Christmas Wine Tasting on Saturday, December 13th at 3 p.m. in our marketplace! For $10 you receive 3 delicious wines & 3 equally delicious pairings.
  6. Sleeping Bear Farms honey crème’s
    If you’re looking for something unique & unexpected to put in your food lover’s stockings, Sleeping Bear Farms honey crème’s are a great option. A honey crème is a spun honey, which means it will have a buttery smooth taste on the tongue. At Sleeping Bear Farms, they slowly spin the honey and fruit for days until the honey becomes a fine spreadable crème. This would also be a great gift to hand out at an office gift exchange. Print out one of the recipes suggested on the Sleeping Bear Farm’s website and tie it to the jar with a bow!
  7. Drink Mixers
    You can always bring a nice bottle of wine to your holiday get togethers but, if you’re looking to jazz up your drinks this year we’ve got some great ways to do it. McClary Bro’s Drinking vinegars, McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix and Journeyman distillery apple cider liquor are all made in Michigan & made for you. Get your Christmas brunch on with a bloody mary. Take your hot apple cider to the next level. Ramp up your flavors by adding bitters to your favorite drinks. Hey, it’s a season of celebration- why not all three?